Art Therapy

Creative art therapy encourages clients to create art in order to increase awareness of self and others.

At evolve counsel we are a team of seasoned, trained and licenced counselling psychologists, who offer the option of using the arts as a form of therapy where necessary.

Talk therapy

Facilitate personal growth and development, eliminate or mitigate feelings of distress and increase your self-esteem and enhance your understanding of yourself.

Corporate Training

At Evolve, our guiding question is, “How can I get the best performance from myself and others?’ We combine years of therapeutic skill with teaching and knowledge of how people function, to come up with our 3 fundamental principles: 1. Learning = Clarity 2. Growth = Rationality 3. Evolve = Positivity

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Counsellor Setup Services

We assist schools, hospitals, churches and corporate organizations to setup a counselling department in their outfits.

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Welcome to Evolve Counsel

The ultimate journey of life begins with the first step. From birth to adulthood, we take little steps forward and forge our way through life’s twists and turns. Yet for many of us, somewhere along the way; we lose our paths; our sense of direction and even our sense of self. Here at Evolve Counsel, we work with you to rediscover yourself and find your truth. We understand that in our generation we have been programmed to only seek out instant self-gratification but nothing worth having comes easy. To truly become who you are meant to be, you have to develop gradually; you have to EVOLVE

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  • We work with children and adults
  • We undertake Corporate Training in areas of; Stress Management, Time Management, Productivity, Leadership & Management, Conflict Resolution, Team Leader Training, Personal Development
  • We specialize in stress and anger management,
    anxiety, marriage and relationships, grief,
    depression, career development and
    everyday mental health issues.

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